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Basic Service
Here at Just In Time Resources LLC we understands that the Information Technology market is a constant revolving door and maintaining the skills set can be costly and time consuming. We have a dedicated project management team with proven methodology and experience, to implement the right outsourcing solution to archive your company’s goal. It easy, no hassle, just sent us an email at RFP@jitresourcesllc.com and our trained professional will gladly prepare a request for proposal in plain English that will provide top notch consults and staffing services to fulfill your company needs, at a very competitive market value.
One of the most important decisions of any rollout project is planning. It’s important to choose a reliable company that will ensure a smooth transition and avoid unnecessary delay and lost productivity. Our staff will assist you with a standard assessment that will meet your company's expectations. We specialize in  the following areas.
Maintenance Service Programs

We offers preventive maintenance service programs to address your business's needs. These programs come in handy to companies that do not have qualified computer technicians on staff. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, internal and external component cleaning and software updates is administered on a scheduled basis. Take steps to minimizing workflow disruptions and keeping your business productivity on schedule. By following a few basic procedures clients can greatly reduce the risk of data loss or hardware failure. The following information represents some of the procedures of a typical preventive maintenance program.
· Rollouts & Upgrades throughout the State of Pennsylvania
· Workstation Migration
· End of Lease retrievals and wipe
· Export Data
· POS Installation & Service
· Asset Management
· Maintenance Service Contracts
· Data Backup / Data Recovery
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